Dane Parker PhD

Principal Investigator

Adeline Peignier

PhD student

We are also part of the Center for Immunity and Inflammation

Previous members

Gyu Lee Kim-Postdoctoral scientist-CDC Korea staff scientist

Lavoisier Akoolo-Postdoctoral scientist-UVA research scientist

Silvia Pires-Postdoctoral scientist-Cornell University Postdoctoral scientist

Matthew Linz-MD student Rutgers Medical School

Neil Shah-MD student Rutgers Medical School

Pamela Barnett-PhD rotation student

Hannah Federman-PhD rotation student

Sarah Lundel-MD/PhD rotation student

Shivani Patel-MD student Rutgers Medical School

Salomon Vainstein-Undergraduate assistant-Graduate Student Columbia University

Edwine Coulanges-Undergraduate research assistant Columbia College

Alba Avoricani-Undergraduate assistant-Columbia College Student

Rafia Rifa-Summer student-Cornell University student

Rudy Jacquet-Technician-PhD student Cornell University

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Lab: 973-972-3336


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