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Dane Parker PhD

Principal Investigator

JK pic.jpg
Jisun Kim PhD
Elina Idiiatullina, PhD

Postdoctoral scientist

Postdoctoral scientist

We are funded through the NIH, NJCCR and NJHF.

We are always looking for excellent graduate students and postdoctoral scientists!

We are also part of the Center for Immunity and Inflammation

Previous members

Matthew Linz, MD-research assistant, Surgery Resident RWJMS

Adeline Peignier-PhD student-Principal researcher Genentech

Gyu Lee Kim-Postdoctoral scientist-CDC Korea senior scientist

Rita Vought-summer student-NJMS medical student

Ruchi Biswas-summer student-NJMS medical student

Lavoisier Akoolo-Postdoctoral scientist-UVA research manager

Silvia Pires-Postdoctoral scientist-Cornell University Postdoctoral scientist

Matthew Linz-MD student Rutgers Medical School

Neil Shah-MD student Rutgers Medical School

Alison Gu-masters student

DianaPerpignan-masters student

Rebecca Francis-PhD rotation student

Pooja Kayala-PhD rotation student

Ankita Prakash-PhD rotation student

Krupa Chaven-PhD rotation student

John Cho-PhD rotation student

Siddhi Prawr-PhD rotation student

Aisha Mohammed-PhD rotation student

Pamela Barnett-PhD rotation student

Hannah Federman-PhD rotation student

Sarah Lundel-MD/PhD rotation student

Shivani Patel-MD student Rutgers Medical School

Salomon Vainstein-Undergraduate assistant-Graduate Student Columbia University

Edwine Coulanges-Undergraduate research assistant Columbia College

Alba Avoricani-Undergraduate assistant-Columbia College Student

Rafia Rifa-Summer student-Cornell University student

Rudy Jacquet-Technician-PhD student Cornell University

Adeline's PhD going away dinner


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